Dangerously Beautiful by Amanda Kimberly‚Äč

Nothing is more Dangerous than a woman who is armed with Beauty

Additional Information & Policies

Bridal Trials

Since weekends are usually busy with weddings, bridal trials will be scheduled during the weekday evenings. If a bridal trial is scheduled on a weekends please note that the trial could be subject for a reschedule in the event that a last min bridal party decides to book during the same time. Same travel rates apply for trials. The trial rates are for Brides only. If a bridesmaid would like a trial they will have to pay full price for the services and schedule during the same time as the bride. If the bride decided to book after the trial run she will be given a bridal contract. A required $40.00 non refundable deposit is due in order to hold your date. There is a minimum of three(3) people required to be considered under the bridal contract. If a bride decides to book for just herself then times could be subject to change based on if another bridal party is booked or books in the future. Booking with the bridal contract puts a secured hold on your date.

Travel Information

Travel fee's are required for any travel services over a 10 mile radius. Anything over 10 miles will be an additional $2/mile. Travel services are for groups of 3 or more. It is also the clients responsibility to reimburse for parking cost. Travel expenses and parking costs are due at the time of makeup services.


Cash and credit cards are accepted. No checks will be accepted. A receipt can be emailed or mailed after the service if requested.

Contract and Liability waiver

Brides will receive a contract the day they book services for their wedding or at the trial run. The contract will state all of the pertinent information regarding the services, pricing quotes, bridesmaids information, DBBAK policies, and most importantly a liability waiver. Everyone who is receiving services (not just brides or bridesmaids) will be required to fill out and sign a waiver. The waiver is to protect my clients of any allergies that they could have from the makeup contents. Although the airbrush foundation is hypoallergenic some of the products like eye lashes adhesive could contain latex and other products could contain silicone. I care about my clients well being and it is my responsibility to keep my clients safe from any harm or ailments they could receive from a product. :) Any clients under the age of 18 must be signed by a parent or guardian.


All of my tools and brushes are cleaned before, during, in between, and after services. Also, a lot of disposable items are used and then disposed of for each client. I ask if any of my clients have any health issues like cold, flu, and/or conjunctivitis to inform me for the safety of my work and future clients. Thank you! :)